Our Designs

Kelen Designs® Amazing Interchangeable Fashion Jewelry with lifetime guarantee

  • Most Kelen Designs® styles in interchangeable collections are made out of the 316L stainless steel with 14K real gold or rose gold vacuum platings – for superior quality and durability.
  •  For some interchangeable components and jewelry, we use top quality fashion jewelry metal alloys, which are always Lead and Nickel FREE. Additionally, Kelen Designs uses a variety of different high quality materials, like genuine stones, cubic zirconia, flowers and mother of pearl. They may vary in color or have unique patterns and designs.
  • You can always shop with confidence because Kelen Designs® jewelry is made to the highest quality standards and we proudly stand behind every piece of our jewelry. We want your experience with us to be great and that is why we back our products with our fantastic LIFETIME Quality Guarantee.

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Some of our best selling ranges are:

SONO Collection:

In Italian, SONO means “I am” and this range is an expression of You! Base stainless steel frame locket or bracelet and a variety of interchangeable disks – this is Kelen Designs® SONO Collection. It’s a beautiful collection that helps you build your unique look and style! By choosing your insert to wear, you are telling the world around “I am who I am and I love it! It’s my life, my way!”

TIP – Mix and match colors. One of the most popular combinations is a polished steel locket with a gold or rose gold plated disk inside.  And don’t forget to complete this set with the chain or bracelet wrap! Remember – all components are sold separately.

VIE Collection:

In French, VIE means “Life” and this is what is behind the inspiration for the Kelen Designs® VIE Collection – build your own style stainless steel ring and bracelet collection. We are saying “It’s Your Life, Your Style!” Choose the Base that’s right for you, unscrew it and create your unique design by adding several inserts. You have more then 75 different ring inserts and 45 different bangle inserts to choose from – make it Your Way!

TIP – the Base ring width should match the sum of the inserts. Example: If your choose the 10mm (millimeter) Base, you can complete your ring by using five 2mm inserts, or combining a 6mm and a 4mm inserts and so on. Additionally, you might find it helpful to select one of the pre-build sets on page 11 of the catalog.

Positive Energy Collection:

The modern, stylish look of Kelen Designs® Positive Energy collection makes it one of the most popular lines. Stainless steel pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, available to you in 3 different colors and 8mm CZ stones in 12 different colors – can make hundreds of possible combinations. It’s easy for you to change the stone insert: just unscrew the top or back, replace the CZ and screw the top or back in place.

We recommend you purchase several colors of insert stones to be able to build looks that color coordinate your clothes. TIP for WOW look – wear multiple bracelets on one hand with different color CZ stones.

Milano Collection:

Choose your style of this stainless steel Cuff bracelet and make your look POP! Wear just the metal base or add one of the Eco-leather inserts inside the cuff for more color. Buy several color inserts and change them to compliment each of your outfits. This bracelet is a definite eye catcher!

Love@ First Sight and Sweetness Collections:

These two Interchangeable lines have genuine stones inserts with super strong magnets. By purchasing a few different stone inserts, you can quickly create a new look every day. Hidden Design Note: to take out the insert from the Love @ First Sight items, push on the top left corner (not right corner) of the heart-shaped stone to slide it and take it out. For Sweetness, push from the back side with your finger to get the insert out.

Care and Usage Guidelines

L.O.F.O. Rule: Last On when you get dressed and First Off at the end of the day.

AVOID WATER CONTACT: Always remove fashion jewelry before any water interaction: bubble baths, shower, swimming pool, ocean, etc.

NO CHEMICAL INTERACTION: Always apply hairsprays, perfumes, body lotions before you put on your jewelry and give them some time to dry. Take off your jewelry before doing any type of cleaning around.

SPORTS & JEWELRY: Remove fashion jewelry before going to the gym or doing any other sports activities to avoid sweat interaction or tangling/breaking.

STORAGE: Keep jewelry in individual bags or boxes to avoid scratching and tangling with other styles.